Monday, November 15, 2010


I'm here to confess, it took some restraint not to reply to Patton Oswalt asking for the number. It's not that I actually believe I could benefit from that kind of thing, but I strongly feel that going to Cher's spiritual healer would be a invaluable experience in my personal CFS journey.

Of course, I have to ask, how is Cher doing? Does anyone know? I haven't been able to find out much information, beyond the fact that she may or may not have CFS. And, as I also #lovelivinginHollywood, my pilates teacher offered to hook me up with Cher's acupuncturist. But I haven't gone because I don't know how Cher is doing. Does anyone know? Seriously.


  1. Hi Allison,

    Many years ago there was a short time that Cher claimed to have ME/CFS, but she later went to Germany for EBV treatment, so she might be in Remission right now and not have had a REAL ME/CFS Triggering Event YET. I had 20 years between my EBV and my ME/CFS Triggering Event.
    I was raised in "The Valley" and my neighbor went to school with Cher's I have followed her and my hometown news :D although I am a bit further north now.

    Cher currently has an active schedule now
    and I just HOPE she allows herself to
    PACE and and get Quality Rest in between.

    I also take wormwood and MANY other things.
    Hope you are AWAP ♥
    It's been 23 yrs now for me and ME.

  2. Thanks for the info! That's good she has an active schedule now. (Though yes, she should pace herself and get rest!) I guess she must have been pretty bad to go to Germany for EBV treatment, I wonder how long she was sick for and what the treatment was. Probably not just Valcyte?

  3. PS: I have added your blog to my blogroll ♥

    It seemed to me that her "quiet time" seem to
    correspond with the time just as Chastity was announcing that she was a lesbian, and now she has officially become a Male.

    It was "fashionable" for a while to go to Germany for medical treatments because the USA and UK were lagging behind in approved treatments.. Remember Farah and others have also gone abroad..

  4. PPS: I received acupuncture for MANY Years and IMHO it is one of those things that will not CURE you , but anything that helps you maintain "Balance" will help keep the disease from Progressing QUICKER.. I recommend it.
    Have you checked into LDN ?
    Have you been tested for XMRV yet?
    I am mostly on FB but also Tweet when it works for me.
    videos from the LDN Conference last month...any that say "uploaded 2 weeks" ago.

  5. I found this article as of Jun 2010. Did you know our illness (or EBV) is stress related?

  6. Thanks for the link :) I tried LDN for a few months but didn't notice anything. I'm thinking about trying it again but I'd have to ask Dr. Cheney because I'm on this whole other protocol too.

    Have been tested for XMRV, came back positive. Not sure what that means yet though.

    I have an appointment today with my old acupuncturist. I'm hoping she can help my digestion. I agree, it hasn't been a cure, but it has seemed to help.

    I've only been in the loop for a couple of years but I've never seen EBV called "the stress related illness" Which makes it sound like it's something you get when you can't handle stress as well as everyone else.

    Of course if you have CFS you can't handle stress as well as everyone else. Judy Mikovits has said that stress hormones in a test tube make XMRV grow like crazy, so when we get stressed, we get sicker.

    I've read some more Cher articles and I don't think I'll ever know what's up. Whatever she's dealing with she's intent on being vague about it, probably to protect her career.

  7. What kind of stomach issues are you having?

  8. Not really nausea anymore, but whenever I eat I get really tired and get awful brain fog for a few hours. It's like digesting is using up all my energy.

  9. Oh...Have you tried taking a digestive enzyme every time you eat? I don't get the brain fog and tiredness after I eat. I get other symptoms, but the digestive enzymes made a huge difference for me. Just an idea...

  10. I was taking enzymes and sometimes they helped, sometimes not. Then the nausea got really bad and my doctor suggested I stop taking them, this was almost a year ago. I've been thinking of writing and asking if it's time to start again. Glad they made a difference for you though!

  11. Any stress makes any illness worse..
    If you are over stressed your immune system is weakened and that why folks even catch colds, let alone EBV. If you "already" have a Retrovirus then it's a whole different Ball Game... and yes any hormone flares stress or otherwise will make you flare also.

    I also use digestive enzymes for my protein but that is to help you digest it so you can absorb the nutrients in the food you eat..that's also what the B-12 is for.

    It is Normal for folks to get sleepy after they eat because ALL of your blood is directed INTO the center of your body towards your stomach while it is trying to digest your food.. thus you get less oxygen to your brain and you get sleepy..

    That's WHY you see the commercials for the "Energy Boosters" for the 2:30pm slump when folks are working after they come back from lunch they get sleepy. That's just normal physiology. I try to keep this to a minimum by
    "eating smaller meals more often" and by drinking some Green Tea.

    @A~ are you on FB? I would like some more Direct contact with you, if that's possible..

  12. I recall years ago reading about Cher's 'CFS' in a magazine in a waiting room and I must admit I was not convinced, it seemed like celebrity tabloid fodder, but I did not know she had at some stage gone to Germany for treatment (and I was not aware Germany had ME treatments, unavailable elsewhere). Still, given the media's penchant for celebrity stories - especially tales of woe and illness - and the difficulties in diagnosing ME, it is hard to know where the truth lies and what is/was wrong with Cher. But I love that your Pilates teacher wanted to hook you up with her acupuncturist!

  13. nmj - I agree, I think even if I could sit down with Cher and have a heart to heart talk I still would have no idea what was going on. Also wondering what her German ME treatment was...