Friday, December 3, 2010

Dear Sugar

This Dear Sugar column made me cry. This woman was in the process of breaking up with her boyfriend, when someone broke into their apartment, attacked her, and left her paralyzed. They stayed together, they got married. He couldn't leave her in a nursing home. (Though he tried.) Now she's miserable. She doesn't know if the relationship is right, but leaving him is not an option, she has nowhere else to go.

Sugar's advice is to stay with him and try and make it work. All the commenters agree, except one, who is also disabled:

"I am disabled as well and this is very very very bad advice. We don’t have to put up with unhappiness such as the writer describes due to circumstance we find ourselves in. You basically tell her she’s weak and she has no CHOICE but to make the most of a situation that is not making either partner remotely happy."

I wish the above commenter was right, but I don't know. That's why I haven't left a comment of my own.


  1. I thought the main response was profound correct. Sometimes - as difficult as it may be - we need to hear the truth. And I thought she delivered the truth with compassion, love, honesty and empathy.

  2. Your blog is always beyond fascinating! Loving pouring over articles right now. And to be honest, I don't know the answer either. Especially if she doesn't have others to support her :/

  3. Thanks for reading Annie! I agree, it's hard to commit to an answer. Like dominique said, it's difficult to hear the truth, or accept it as the truth.