Thursday, August 4, 2011

You know it's a good day when...

I am very lucky today because:

1) I drove myself to get my haircut. Made possibly because I finally decided to stop driving all the way across town and go to a salon down the street.

2) I was reading online about ways to cool your apartment without air conditioning. One of my problems is I can open my windows but I never get a breeze. Then I read that you can create a breeze through the "chimney effect" by opening the highest and lowest windows in the building.

My apartment is the second floor of a duplex. I open the front door, walk up some stairs, and my whole apartment is on the second floor. So my lowest window was actually the front door. I got up and went down the stairs, opened it, and came back up. My highest window is a skylight that was put in for roof access. Below it is a bookshelf/staircase with very narrow steps. I had to climb them, and push very hard to lift the window up, and climb back down.

What's great is not just that I was able to do it, but that I knew as I was sitting there reading that I would be able to do it. Most days I am so tired and my body feels so heavy; I would read it and think, "That's nice, I'll ask Jim to do it when he comes over." Most days I sit on the sofa and decide if I want to stand up and walk across the room to turn the fan on.

I'm tired now. If you asked me to get up and do it again, I would be able to do it, but I'd have to think about it. And I'd probably decide I'd have enough for the day and should just rest.

Which is what I'll do now. Hello Satie Pandora station...

3) I was able to write this.


  1. I love that I have learned the chimney effect but I am not sure we need it in Scotland... and I hope you got a lovely haircut!

  2. It is lovely, I think. Thanks!